Mom and child roller skating outside in the summer with helmets and padding on

There is an undeniable romance that comes summer. The warmth of the season strikes one to want to spend more time outdoors. Summer is the season with most to offer. From breezy parks to cool beaches, the options are endless. Day time or night time, there is constantly something to pick from for those willing to venture out. There are festivals of all varieties and friends are more willing to partake in leisurely activities, a recipe that does not always make for healthy living. Fret ye not! Here are a few healthy ways to spend your evenings and weekends burning calories, not putting them on.

Mow the Lawn

Taking care of the lawn will leave you and your yard looking great. The simple chore can help you burn some serious calories.

Get in the Garden/Do Some Yard Work

Gardening and Planting Flowers is Healthy for You

Think mindful relaxation. Gardening and yard work are great tasks to ease stress, they can help you gain a good mental balance. Mind and body go hand in hand as you can burn through 54 calories in 12 minutes.

Play Tennis

Are you up for something a bit more energetic? It may not seams like it, but tennis is very much an aerobic sport. Get your heart pumping and blood flowing as you can burn through 177 calories in 30 minutes.

Take a Walk through Downtown


Evening walks through the city are often times just what we need. Unload some stress and have a romantic time with your partner in the cool of the evening. In the span of a 30 minute stroll, you can burn through 85 calories.

Cook a Hearty, Healthy Meal


Save your money and cook a meal. Cooking is an activity that’s not only healthy for your body but great on your wallet. With a meal preparation time of 25 minutes, you can burn 57 calories in that time.

Light Up the Grill

Grilling Veggies Outdoors

This by far is a personal favorite. Quite unlike cooking, having a barbecue outdoors provides a mental escape. What you pick for your dish makes a difference. Opt for grilled vegetables as alternatives to burgers and meat. Speaking of meat, grilled meat is slightly healthier than that cooked on the stove, it retains less water. Sparking the grill can have you burning through 50 calories in 20 minutes.

Wash the Car

When is the last time you personally washed your car? Is rain the only way your car gets a rinse? Bring your car back to shine and feel good about it. Not only can you look good doing it, but you are going to feel great knowing that you burned through 54 calories in 15 minutes.

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