Woman in black shoes walking outside in the sunset on the road

It’s cherry blossom festival in the nations capital and people from all across the world straddle through the sea of soft pink blossoms in front of the tidal basin. It’s beautiful to see people out and about enjoying the fresh signs of spring all around. Some opt for the water adventure by way of paddle boats, while others prefer photo opportunities with backdrops of marvelous landmarks.

Tourists and locals alike, there is movement once again in the city with cell phones there to capture every moment. What’s even more amazing is that all these people could be getting paid for their activeness. Yes, that’s right! A fairly-new app on the market, known as SweatCoin, is the latest in a line of tech startups offering cash for you to continue doing the things you ordinarily do.

SweatCoin is a great incentive for those looking to get back to good health, or simply get around on foot more. The app calculates the steps you take, converting those steps to a monetary value with a daily cap of 5.00 in SweatCoin credits. We should mention we noticed a difference in amount of SweatCoins earned between indoor and outdoor steps. Indoor steps paid significantly less than outdoor steps, which we later were able to verify through their website. Regardless, free money is free money.

Once you have accumulated a significant amount of SweatCoin credits, you can shop the available offers and redeem you credits for various merchandise. Featured on the marketplace are gift cards, phone cases, Amazon credits, and hopefully with enough diligence in my step, a 55 inch Samsung Curved TV (retail $1,000) is on the horizon. This app is very likable. Though you should reward yourself for being good, I’ll settle for saving my $46.75 for another day.

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