Man and woman sitting on the ground  drinking a biochem whey protein shake from their blander bottle

Smoothies and shakes have quickly become the preferred morning beverage, mainly for their perceived nutritional value. You diet. You work out. You try to eat healthily. You turn to whey powders to give your daily shakes enhanced health benefits. Until recently, common thought was that all whey protein powders were good for your health. That all changed when the Clean Label Project tested 134 leading protein powders (sampled from the best sellers from Neilsen Media and Amazon purchase date).

Shockingly, “70 percent of powders tested had detectable levels of lead.” An acceptable amount of lead found in water and consumable products should be below “15 parts per billion” according to the Centers for Disease Control CDC.

Furthermore, “74 percent had cadmium and 55 percent had BPA” contaminants. Cadmium is a dangerously toxic chemical element for which “chronic exposure (low level over an extended period of time) can result in kidney, bone and lung disease,” according to OSHA. BPA is a chemical found in plastic, thus reflecting a general negligence during the production process.

Fox News Names BioChem in Top Performing Whey Protein Powders

BioChem Whey Proteins tested as one of the best powders on the market, with five-star ratings for all three of its flavor options. The whey isolates are completely soy free and 99% lactose free. BioChem Whey Protein comes from grass-fed cows raised here in the United States. It’s important to also note that all BioChem protein powders and products are certified to be 100% gluten free by the GFCO.


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