Julie Wendt | Feb 22, 2021

MegaFood Soft Chews are your Perfect Gummy Vitamin Replacement!

We finally got our hands on MegaFood’s new line of soft chews for the whole family. The company recently introduced a new line of multivitamins aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of everyone in the household. The soft chews are not like your typical gummies. Megafood has managed to create multivitamins that are chewy, tasty, enjoyable, and easy to swallow. MegaFood multivitamins come in three forms: Men’s, Women’s, and Kids.

The fact that these multivitamins are not gummies, means that they contain no gelatin or any other typical coagulant. MegaFood’s Multivitamins are free of GMOs, glyphosate, soy, and dairy. You could never tell by taste that these chews are gluten!

According to MegaFood, the “Women’s Multivitamin Soft Chews support optimal health and wellbeing for [all] busy women in just one chew. The women’s chew come in Mixed Berry flavor. They are great on the go, with just the right blast of B vitamin energy. They contain “nourishing farm-fresh organic cranberries”, which are great for the female body. To round thing off, these multivitamins come packed with the nutritional value of Vitamins A, C, D and E!

Men and Kids varieties also contain Vitamins A , C, D, and E.

The Men’s Multivitamin Soft Chews are formulated to exclude iron, calcium and magnesium. MegaFood notably says “it is not recommended for men to supplement their diet with iron or calcium unless otherwise recommended and under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner”. Instead, you will find the male version of the chews to be packed full of energy and support for the nervous system.

The Megafood Kid's One Daily soft chews contain beta carotene and nutrients that kids are most likely to be missing in their daily diets. They support immune health and contain on 3 grams of sugar per serving. MegaFood focuses on high quality ingredients in all that formulas. For that reason, they chose Raw Organic Cane Sugar for sweetness and chose Fruit and Vegetable Juice for coloring.

Try them now as a part of your daily nutritional balance and wellbeing. You will love these easy to take multivitamins just as much as we do!