Five friends sitting at a table and cheers with tequila shots in the sunshine
Is Tequila really a Probiotic?

If only life was so simple, Imagine Friday evening, sneaking out of work an hour early to catch up with friends for some probiotic shots. No, I’m not talking about the type of shots you get after waiting hours for your name to be called at the doctor’s office. I’m talking tequila shots, with the salt on the rim, and the lime hanging off the glass.

This rumor seems to comeback more often than a Hollywood film studio 90’s movie remake. But since we’re a, “eat my cake and have it too” community, why wouldn’t we want to believe such a rumor. It’s a win-win for everyone!

But who’s to blame this time? More likely than not, you can always blame social media. The video below throws out a few studies that have been proven to be inconclusive or right out debunked. The idea is that since Tequila is made from Agave plants, which is a natural form of sugar, and since the natural herbs community considers blue Agave as a natural remedy for constipation that somehow there’s a connection to tequila helping with digestion.


A writer at goes into greater detail of the findings in the studies and effectiveness of tequila as an herbal remedy.

Fortunately for everyone, MegaFood MegaFlora offers organic real food probiotics. MegaFood uses a scientific process called Slo-Food Process  where it takes over 200 hours to process half a million pounds of fresh produce into one patch, while preserving all the nutrients, colors, and aromas of the fresh produce. The fresh produce than gets pressed into millions of organic tablets.

In all, tequila is a great drink when consumed responsibly, but it shouldn’t be considered anything remotely close to a probiotic. You can enjoy happy hour and still have room for your daily probiotics.

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