Vitabase Saw Palmetto 320 mg -- 30 Softgel Capsules

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  • It can reduce hair loss and promote hair regrowth
  • Traditionally used for prostate and urinary health
  • Balances the hormones in the body
  • Improves sexual performance and increases virility

Is Vitabase Saw Palmetto (320 mg) Right for You?

When it comes to choosing a saw palmetto product, quality is much more important than quantity. Most companies sell a powdered form of saw palmetto which has been chemically altered and has lost half of its potency. Studies have shown that in order for saw palmetto to be effective for supporting the prostate, it must contain 85-95% fatty acids and sterols. To get the appropriate amounts of the active components, you must select an oil-based product in a soft gelatin capsule. We are proud of the quality of our saw palmetto berry extract, which is manufactured by one of the top suppliers in the world.

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