Vitabase Osteo Support -- 120 Tablets

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  • With Calcium, Vitamin D, Boron, and Ostivone
  • For the support of healthy bones
  • Provides 120 percent of the recommended daily allowance of calcium
  • Increase the effectiveness of calcium supplements
  • Also offers Soylife, which provides standardized levels of isoflavones

Is Vitabase Osteo Support Right for You?

Osteo-Support contains nutrients you need to help support normal bone health. It includes 1,200 mg of calcium, 200 IU of vitamin D, 200 mg of ipriflavone from Ostivone, and numerous other nutrients. Vitabase Osteo-Support provides needed calcium for strong bones. To function properly, calcium must be accompanied by several other nutrients including vitamins A, C, D, and K; phosphorus; and magnesium. Osteo-Support also includes 200 mg of ipriflavone, a synthetic derivative of genistein or daidzein.

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