Vitabase Mood Support -- 60 Capsules

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  • Provides superior formulation of five key ingredients that benefit your mental state.
  • Helps support stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Offers very economical formula when compared to buying individual products.

Is Vitabase Mood Support Right for You?

At a time when many of us lead incredibly stressful lives, it is easy to find ourselves feeling the effects of tension and anxiety. Vitabase Mood Support is a formulation of five ingredients believed to be beneficial in supporting a positive mental state without some of the side effects frequently found in prescription drugs. Griffonia bean extract is included for its contribution of 5-hydroxytryptophan or 5-HTP. 5-HTP is an amino acid the body converts into serotonin. Low levels of serotonin have been associated with the development of depression.

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