Vitabase Kid's Stuff Complete w-Probiotics -- 120 Tablets

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  • Provides chelated minerals for better absorption.
  • Offers vegetarian, great-tasting cherry flavor.
  • Provides three strains of probiotics.
  • Has been sweetened with xylitol and luo han guo.
  • Offers less sugar and fewer calories.

Is Vitabase Kid's Stuff Complete with Probiotics Right for You?

Vitabase Kid's Stuff Complete, our best chewable children's vitamin product, is a great alternative to the store brands that are loaded with sugar and provide only the basic nutrients. Kid's Stuff Complete contains chelated minerals for better absorption. In addition, it contains natural vitamin D and more vitamin C than the leading children's products. Many children's vitamins are almost like candy due to the high amounts of sugar they contain. Vitabase Kid's Stuff Complete utilizes the natural sweeteners xylitol and luo han guo.

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