Vitabase Enfuz (Advanced) -- 30 Packets

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  • Enfuz Advanced contains twice as much fish oil
  • Enfuz Advanced has an extra capsule of our Super Fruit Formula
  • For increased antioixdant support
  • Superior probiotic with higher levels of friendly bacteria

Is Vitabase Enfuz (Advanced) Right for You?

Enfūz is a complete nutritional supplement program designed to meet your basic nutritional needs. Vitabase currently offers two different versions of Enfūz - Basic and Advanced. For most people, Enfūz basic provides adequate levels of nutrients, but there are some really good reasons to upgrade to Enfūz Advanced. Enfūz Advanced contains all the nutrients found in Enfūz Basic, with a few key differences. In addition, the fish oil is enteric coated to prevent any aftertaste and odors associated with fish oil.

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