Vitabase Brain Support -- 60 Capsules

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Increase Memory and Mental Awareness With Vitabase Brain Support

More than 30 million Americans are over the age of 65. According to estimates, as much as 50% of them will experience a noticeable decline in mental abilities like short-term memory loss when faced with common tasks such as recalling names, maintaining concentration, and preserving mental focus.

If you feel you have lost your mental edge or you are have problems concentrating or memorizing, then Vitabase Brain Support may be the perfect solution for you. Vitabase's unique formulation is a combination of six different types of herbs and nutrients designed to help get back your mental focus.

Brain Support combines only the highest quality ginkgo biloba extract, phosphatidyl serine, acetyl L-carnitine, DHA powder, choline, and inositol.

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