Pure Essence ProFema -- 60 Capsules

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Interesting fact is that women in Japan and other Asian countries rarely experience menopause symptoms unless they adapt an American type Diet. The secret reason is their diet provides much less meat and much more soy. Soy provides factors called isoflavones, while meats are laced with synthetic estrogens. These synthetic estrogens are thousands of times stronger than isoflavones. Your body is meant to maintain a precise balance between estrogen and progesterone. During childbearing years, progesterone is made in both the ovaries and the adrenals. As menopause nears, your ovaries begin to shut down, leaving your adrenal glands as your only source. Unfortunately, constant stress and other dietary factors, like caffeine and sugar, take a toll on these glands. Eventually, you cant make the progesterone you need to keep estrogen in balance. This promotes a state called estrogen dominance, which is thought by many health experts to be the cause of menopausal distress. Isoflavones may promote a more favorable balance.

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