Microbiome Labs Fidospore Probiotics for Dogs -- 30 Capsules

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  • May Promote Healthy Digestion For Your Dog
  • May Support Immune Health
  • May Promote Reduction of Flatulence
  • May Promote Gut Barrier Protection
  • May Support Against Leaky Gut

Is Microbiome Labs

Fidospore is a unique mix of probiotics designed to promote healthy digestion in dogs and fight leaky guts. The probiotics are combined with a defatted, Grass-fed Beef liver extract that gives an irresistible flavor and aroma for dogs. This supplement can dramatically reduce inflammation in the dog's intestine, which can help decrease diarrhea and vomiting in as little as 30 days. If the dog's intestine becomes deteriorated, it opens the door for many harmful toxins and pathogens to enter the circulation. This can often trigger immune responses such as allergic reactions and inflammation anywhere in the dog's body. Fidospore supports health in the gut, digestion and overall immunity.

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