Lively Vitamin Co. UTI BFF - Bladder and Prostate Health - Urinary Tract - Cranberry Extract - Holy Basil - Green Tea - Parsley - D-Mannose - For Men and Women - 90 Capsules

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Lively Vitamin Co. delivers a boss blend of herbs and nutrients that will keep the bladder and urinary tract safe from uncomfortable issues of the private kind. This blend in UTI pills features a wide array of herbs and nutrients that are perfect for keeping bathrooms trips far less frequent and far more comfortable. These studied and researched ingredients provide much-needed support for urinary tract discomfort while also providing a prevention plan to keep future problems at bay. Whether your customers are prone to urinary tract infection, need a little extra support in keeping the bladder strong and healthy, or are looking for a great supplement to support their prostate glands, this is a perfect choice! One serving every day will help keep anyone feeling their best - and performing their best too!

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