Lively Vitamin Co. Solar Power Vitamin D3 5000 IU - Patented Vitamin K - MK7 - Immune Balance - Brain Function - Mood - Heart - Stress - Vegetarian Capsules

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Size: 60 Count
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Vitamin K2 featured in Solar Power is in the form of menaQ7 (MK-7). It is patented and clinically validated. By blending it with a powerful dose of bioavailable Vitamin D3, we ensure that every capsule is easily broken down, absorbed, and used. Solar Power vitamin capsules can help people across a wide age group, contributing to their overall wellness. When it comes to a health supplement that everyone needs, Solar Power vitamin D3 capsules are highly recommended, as modern lifestyles and dietary choices are creating a deficit of Vitamin D levels all around. These health capsules deliver an easy-to-process form of vitamin K and vitamin D, helping people like you live a fuller, healthier life, with more energy. We recommend Solar Power health supplement capsules to everyone who is searching for a safe and effective way to boost immune strength, heart health, and uplift the mood. These MK-7 vitamin D supplements can contribute to improving bone strength, regulating hormone levels, and improving overall digestive health too!

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