Lively Vitamin Co. Snooze Fest - Encourages Full REM Cycles - Balance Your Sleep System - Relax Your Body And Mind - Full Rest - Vegetarian Capsules

Lively Vitamin Co.SKU: LVC-144372

Size: 60 Count
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Snooze Fest is designed to gently take away tension, encourage deeper, more restful sleep, and ease the 'busy brain' caused by stress or anxiety. Unlike most natural sleep aid supplements, this unique formula works to help balance our natural sleep hormones. This 'reset' makes it a perfect choice for those who struggle with a consistent sleep schedule or those who are traveling across time zones. How did we do it? We found the best sleep supportive herbs and nutrients and blended them together to create this sleep supplement that's ready to quickly send you off to dreamland. Our unique formula features Valerian Root, Chamomile, Melatonin, California Poppy, Lemon Balm, and more!

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