Integrative Therapeutics V Clear EPs 7630 Original Flavor -- 1 fl oz

Integrative TherapeuticsSKU: ITI-780011

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  • Shorten The Duration And Reduce The Severity-Of cough, cold, congestion
  • Sore throat with this homeopathic cold medicine
  • Alcohol-free syrup

Is Integrative Therapeutics V Clear EPs 7630 Original Flavor Right for You?

V Clear EPs 7630 is an upper respiratory treatment containing a proprietary, homeopathic preparation of Pelargonium sidoides extract (also known as South African geranium). V Clear EPs 7630 addresses the underlying cause of symptoms to help speed recovery and shorten the duration of the common cold. EPs 7630 is a proprietary extract which has been the subject of over 20 clinical studies involving more than 9000 patients. It has been an effective, well-tolerated, leading European medicine for more than a decade.

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