Integrative Therapeutics Acetyl L-Carnitine -- 60 Capsules

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  • L-Carnitine is an important amino acid for heart health
  • Acts as a strong antioxidant
  • Supports healthy mental functions
  • This product is vegetarian

Is Integrative Therapeutics Acetyl L-Carnitine Right for You?

Acetyl L-Carnitine supports healthy mental functions in three key ways: it enhances nerve cell function, provides antioxidant protection, and promotes cellular energy production. Integrative medicine is a collaboration of safe and effective therapies from conventional and complementary medicine. Integrative practitioners look beyond symptoms to identify and address the root cause and work hand in hand with patients to develop a plan of care. This collaborative, wellness-driven approach often includes clinical nutrition - both through diet, and nutritional supplementation - and that's where Integrative Therapeutics supplements come in.

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