Microbiome Labs Mega Mucosa Berry Acai -- 5.5 oz

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  • May Support Response To Leaky Gut
  • May Support Overall Immune Function
  • May Promote Rebuilding of Internal Protective Barriers
  • May Support Digestive Health
  • May Thicken Mucosal System

Is Microbiome Labs Mega Mucosa Right for You?

Mega Mucosa is the first complete mucosal supplement of its kind! Formulated to rebuild a healthy mucosal barrier, Mega Mucosa supports a response to leaky gut. This product targets the mucosal system, which is an essential part of the overall health of a human being. The mucosal system is an interface between the body and the outside world. The dairy-free immunoglobulins and the four amino acids that make up this supplement help and intensify one of the most important human defense barriers.

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