Hyperbiotics PRO MOMS - The Perfect Prenatal Probiotic -- 30 tablets

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  • Prioritize your baby's health
  • Give your body the best tools available
  • Produce more folate naturally
  • Feel good & stay well

Is Hyperbiotics PRO MOMS - The Perfect Prenatal Probiotic Right for You?

Babies are meant to be inoculated with the good bacteria they need for a healthy life both as they travel through the birth canal and consume breast milk. The problem: modern lifestyle factors may have damaged the good flora you were meant to pass on. PRO-Moms was mindfully formulated with strains that help moms maintain a healthful balance of bacteria and to encourage a healthy start for their little ones. Probiotics encourage regularity along with proper nutrient absorption - and the more nourishment mom gets, the more the baby can get too. With better absorption, it's more possible to maximize the goodness from your foods and other supplements for both yourself and baby.

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