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Valerian Root Can Reduce Stress and Help You Sleep Better

Valerian root, also referred to as garden heliotrope, is commonly found throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Valerian root has been used for its soothing qualities for centuries. Valerian root gained popularity in the 17th century because of it was believed to help relieve insomnia, stress-related anxiety, and nervous restlessness.

Research has shown that health and relaxation claims of valerian are more than just myths. In 2003, scientists found that the sedative and sleep-promoting properties of valerian were because of two flavonoids, 6-methylapigenin and hesperidin. Valerian root is a natural sedative which may help relieve anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, and headaches.

Studies have proven that valerian root can help you relax and  fall asleep faster. It also helps improve the quality of your sleep. An added benefit of valerian is that it lacks the side effects on prescription sleep aids like drowsiness the next day.

Each capsule of Vitabase Valerian Root 4:1 valerian root extract is equal to 500 mg of valerian root powder.

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