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@bestever679 asks: Are there any methods to naturally release HGH to grow taller?

Answer: Three methods that I recommend to increase Human Growth Hormone levels are:

  1. As strange as this may sound, get a great night of sleep, every night. Your bodies Human Growth Hormone levels are at their highest when you are sleeping, so the more sleep, the more HGH produced.
  2. Regular weight lifting and running. When you put stress on your muscles, your body produces HGH to help with the repair and recover process. Compound exercises are the best ways of producing HGH at home or the gym.
  3. The last recommendation is drinking more milk! Milk contains many vitamins and minerals that help your body release growth hormones. With all that taken into account, supplementing HGH into your daily life will also help with the Human Growth Hormone production. We are talking about a supplement such as HGH Complex as found on our site, which helps speed up the bodies natural HGH production. We are not talking about the illegal steroid HGH, only natural methods of HGH production. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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