Country Life Gut Connection products for digestion

Country Life Vitamins  recently introduced a new line of Gut Connection products at Expo West. The line garnered such great reviews that it won the NEXTY Editors Choice pick. The line focuses on overall wellness for your body that starts in the gut. Gut Connection is a line of eight gut variation products that work together to improve your gut microbiota health. The entire collection of Gut Connection balance products is Probiotic Free. Take a look at our quick summery of each product’s uses and support benefits.

Gut Connection Digestive Balance

The best starting point for your gut support is the Gut Connection Digestive Balance nutritional formula. This Probiotic-free supplement reduces occasional digestive distress and bloating. With Gut Connection Digestive Balance, you can reverse the discomfort of an irritable digestive tract while steadily regulating your bowel movement. Support a favorable shift in your gut microbiome and get back to natural intestinal levels with clinically studied ingredients.

Gut Connection Immune Balance

Gut Connection Immune Balance is our naturally engineered method of maintaining immune health. A good immune system can be achieved by starting at the gut. With so much intricacy involved with the food we consume, Gut Connection Immune Balance is your body’s first line of defense. A good gut make for whole body wellness. Gut Connection Immune balance can help you when you feel run down by stress.

Gut Connection Energy Balance

Your body deserve clean fuel to support all your daily activities. The Gut Connection Energy Balance formula is key to achieving the right level of alertness. Clear energy naturally healthy for your body. People consume a lot of foods that may leave them feeling weighed down. Gut Connection Energy Balance is the right way for you improve your energy balance. Conquer each day and stay your best with our clinically studied, non-GMO supplement.

Gut Connection Cognitive Balance

Think clear and concisely with Gut Connection Cognitive Balance. The formula improves your gut’s microbiome health while supporting your natural perception ability. Gut Connection Cognitive Balance supports our thought ability, intelligence processing, and awareness level. Manage your memory and recall abilities with our exceptional Probiotic-free formula.

Gut Connection Stress Balance

Mental calmness is great for your body. You can achieve it with the help of Gut Connection Stress Balance. Less stress has been shown to reduce premature aging. Less stress will also reduce tension headaches and other mental & bodily fatigue. Rid your body of occasional tension and lift the weight off your shoulders. If you are keen to get back to a less stressed out version of yourself, trust Gut Connection Stress Balance to help get you there.

Gut Connection Mood Balance

Gut Connection Mood Balance supports your determination to get back to a more positive mood. Set the tone for your day with a supplement that supports calmness through it all. Gain a leg up of your temporary state of mind by starting in our gut. Feel inclined to act by getting in to the right mood beforehand.

Gut Connection Sleep Balance

A lot happened when your body goes to sleep. Gut Connection Sleep Balance will support your body’s gut activity as you go to bed. Good sleep can be affected by your gut activity. Gut Connection Sleep Balance will have your muscles feeling relaxed and as you fall asleep faster. No more counting sheep, wake up feeling rejuvenated and count the hours of rest you will enjoy.

Gut Connection Weight Balance

Losing weight and maintaining ideal body mass is a common and ongoing challenge for many people. As people age, metabolism slows down. This leaves many of us doubling down on the battle of the bulge. Country Life Weight Balance will help you maintain an ideal weight goal. Reduce your body fat, increase lean body mass and enjoy a decrease in waist size with the support of Gut Connection Weight Balance. Get back to your desired hip circumference with our natural formula.

Putting it All Together

The entire Country Life Gut Connection works together in an expandable process. Approaching wellness from a gut perspective is an approach that leans more towards Eastern healing processes. You gut processes the food we consume and holds our microbiome composition. Starting in the gut, we can feed the various body elements healthy information: mind, heart, muscles, mood and much more.

Country Life Gut connection works to support your microbiota structure. It utilizes the benefits of EpiCor®, a safe and natural whole food fermentation ingredient clinically shown to strengthen and boost the immune system. Each Gut Connection Balance product can be used in support of the other. Mix you Gut Connection products and make the formula specific to your needs through customization. Your gut lining is important to the containment of gut bacteria. Gut Connection can help you maintain gut barrier function for overall wellness. Give your body back a happy and healthy digestive tract.


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