Priscilla Johnson, Fitness & Nutrition Coach | Mar 1, 2021

5 Simple Nutrition Tips
Before and After Your Workout

Here’s my 5 easy nutrition tips you can incorporate right now to fuel your body, before or after your workout.

1. Drink BCAA’s: Branch chain amino acids help your muscles recover quicker. Drink them after your workout.

2. Drink Protein Powder Before and After Workout: Whey or plant-based proteins powders are easily absorbed and liquid is digested faster in the body allowing nutrients to be absorbed effectively. I like to make my protein shakes mini meals, for example: Strawberry protein powder, 1 cup almond milk, 3 frozen strawberries, PBJ powder with a handful of spinach.

3. Need natural energy before your workout?: Have a piece of fruit, like a banana or a fat, like a spoon full of peanut/almond butter (1-2 tbsp) for immediate energy. Simple carbs, like fruit or fats like nuts, is great fuel for your body as you’re headed into a workout.

4. Pack a Snack: After your workout you can be depleted from all sources of energy. I always pack a meal or a meal bar that’s high in protein, complex carbs along with extra nutrients to support recovery. I either have eggs, spinach, ground turkey, sweet potatoes and a slice of avocado that I’ve packed or I have a meal bar to hold me over for 2-3 hours

5. Liquid Energy: Do you like to do fasted- workouts? Workout on an empty stomach? Grab a natural energizing tea before you work out. I’m not a fan of pre-workout powders that increase your heart rate, too fast and too high so I sub in tea’s.