Julie Wendt, MS, CNS, LDN | Feb 8, 2021

3 Easy Fitness Tips for Heart Health

1. Try out High Intensity Interval Training

With high-intensity interval exercise, also known as HIIT, you trade workout time for intensity. A moderate-intensity cardio workout could take up 30 to 60 minutes. However with HIIT, you can get in cardio workout that's just as effective, in 20 minutes! We cannot protect our heart from being uncomfortable and, in fact, doing so is what causes our heart to weaken. But by putting your heart ‘out there’ and making it work hard is the way we can develop a strong and healthy one.

2. Add Aerobics to Your Workout

It's no secret that aerobic supports a healthy heart. Aerobics can be any exercise that get's your blood pumping. Running, walking, swimming, or even yard work can be effective ways to be active and get that heart pumping. Experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Consider adding a little more cardio to your routine this week.

3. Stretch and Breathe with Yoga

Yoga is a unique form of exercise that comes with a wide variety of benefits. One of those benefits is supporting a healthy heart. Practicing various stretches and poses helps promote healthy blood flow throughout your body. This, along with practicing controlled and deep breathing which brings in oxygen to your heart, all go hand in hand with keeping your heart strong and healthy!