Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Potassium - 2 oz

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  • Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Potassium comes in liquid ionic form, most readily available for absorption
  • Potassium is essential for proper brain and heart function
  • Potassium deficiency can be seen trough cramping and decreased muscle strength and function
  • Comes in a Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly liquid!

Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Potassium Helps You Maintain Proper Muscle Function and Strength

Trace Minerals Ionic Potassium is a concentrated liquid ionic form of naturally sourced potassium. It's a mineral that is essential for numerous bodily functions and can be found in every cell of your body. Potassium is vital for proper brain and heart function, fluid balance, muscle function and nerve conduction.

Some signs of potassium deficiency are:

  • Cramps
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Decreased muscle function and strength
  • Decreased cognitive function

This liquid dietary supplement gives your body 99 mg of potassium in each dose. Trace Minerals Ionic Potassium also contains ConcenTrace®, a blend of over 72 ionic trace minerals from America’s #1 selling trace mineral supplement.

Each Trace Minerals Ionic Potassium bottle has a metered dropper that allows you to vary your dose based on individual needs. Health care providers recommend different doses, depending on your needs.

Each Trace Minerals Ionic Single Mineral product is backed by the money back guarantee “Feel the Difference or Your Money Back”, one of the best guarantees in the industry

What is Concentrate?

A naturally occurring, liquid trace element and food supplement contains a full spectrum of trace and ultra-trace elements in ionic form. These minerals have been derived from the weathering and erosion of the huge variety of soils and rocks found in the drainage basin of the Great Salt Lake of Utah.

Each Trace Minerals Research Product Includes ConcenTrace

We ensure the following elements are included in every Trace Minerals Research product (listed in approximate descending order

Magnesium, Chloride, Potassium, Sulfate, Sodium, Boron, Bromide, Calcium, Carbonate, Silicon, Nitrogen, Selenium, Phosphorus, Iodine, Chromium, Iron, Manganese, Titanium, Cobalt, Copper, Antimony, Molybdenum, Strontium, Zinc, Nickel, Tungsten, Germanium, Scandium, Tin, Lanthanum, Yttrium, Silver, Gallium, Zirconium, Vanadium, Beryllium, Tellurium, Bismuth, Hafnium, Terbium, Europium, Gadolinium, Samarium, Cerium, Cesium, Gold, Dysprosium, Holmium, Lutetium, Erbium, Ytterbium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Niobium, Tantalum, Thorium, Thallium, Rhenium, plus other minerals found in seawater.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:1.75 mL (1/3 tsp., 1 3/4 full droppers)
Servings Per Container:33
Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Magnesium (ConcenTrace)30 mg
Chloride (ConcenTrace)300 mg
Sodium (Sea Minerals)85 mg
Potassium (Potassium Chloride)99 mg
Sulfate (ConcenTrace)30 mg
Other Ingredients:Sea Minerals, ConcenTraceĀ®, purified water, potassium chloride, citric acid.
Other Information:Contains no known allergens.
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