VitaMist Echinacea + Goldenseal and Garlic Spray

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Stay Healthy All Year With Echinacea + Garlic and Goldenseal

VitaMist® Spray Echinacea+G is a great immune system booster. The "G" stands for Goldenseal and Garlic. But that's not all you'll find. There is also a healthy dose of Vitamin E, and to round it out the soothing taste of pure natural honey and lemon, always popular during the cold and flu season. VitaMist® Echinacea+G is ready to be put to the test.

Goldenseal is often combined with echinacea and has also been traditionally used to boost the immune system and promote digestive tract health. Its power comes from hydrastine, berberine, and canadine alkaloids.

Garlic has been used for both medicine and food for hundreds of years. Its history dates as far back as Egyptian times. Garlic has been used for a variety of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.

With this powerful blend of antioxidants, you can drastically increase your immune system health and help to ward off sicknesses around you.  VitaMist Echinacea + G Spray is perfect for those that are exposed to a large number of people on a daily basis or those who are prone to sickness and infection.

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