MegaFood Dream Release -- 30 Tablets

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Size: 30 Tablets
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  • May Promotes Restful Sleep
  • May Encourage Sense of Relaxation
  • May Release Tension
  • May Help Evoke Vivid & Lucid Dreaming
  • May Encourage Emotional Health

Is MegaFood Dream Release the right product to help you relax and get better rest?

Dream Release is a mineral and herbal dietary supplement that has been formulated with top quality ingredients to foster a restful dream state. All the ingredients have been selected according to their potential and power. The main mineral extract found in magnesium (as amino acid chelate) may help in your body's quest to relieve tension. The herbal ingredients found in Dream Release include California poppy extract ( Eschschoizia californica )‚ valerian root extract ( Valeriana officinalis )‚ vervain whole herb powder ( Verbena officinalis )‚ and Sensoril ashwagandha root and leaf extract ( Withania somnifera ). Vervain‚ Valerian‚ and California poppy all have long histories of being used in sleep support‚ and to create calming effects in the body as well as potential for lucid dream experiences. Dream Release was formulated to help promote a sense of relaxation and a restorative sleep associated with a lucid dream state. Magnesium and ashwagandha are also included to help release tension.

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