Magnum Nutraceuticals Opus Intra-Workout Red Berry Can -- 15.7 oz

Sale price$34.99


  • Stimulant-free energy
  • Get Stronger, faster
  • Improve anaerobic performance
  • Delicious red berry flavor
  • Great source of vitamins & amino acids

Is Magnum Nutraceuticals Opus Intra-Workout - Red Berry Can Right for You?

Magnum Opus was developed to activate explosive gains in muscle growth, delay the onset of muscular fatigue, create new anabolic fuel faster and significantly increase strength levels. Magnum Opus enables you to break through new barriers of muscular performance and expose the limitations of existing formulas. This is done by supercharging your bodies muscular energy cycle while keeping you in a 100% anabolic environment - right from the very first serving! This is a true revolution, one which excludes stimulants and nervous energy, and provides awe-inspiring workouts.

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