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Help Prevent Liver Damage and Minimize Free Radicals Caused by Consuming Alcoholic Beverages With Life Extension Anti-Alcohol HepatoProtection Complex

When you consume alcoholic beverages, free radicals are naturally produced. Individuals who consume more than the average amount of alcohol often incur medical problems due to the massive free radical-induced cellular damage associated with this excess consumption. Free radicals that are alcohol-induced, can cause short-term damage throughout your body. These same damaging free radicals are also the cause of accelerating the aging process.

With this said, when individuals are exposed to a known toxic substance such as alcohol, it only makes sense to counteract this problem by taking a proven antidote namely, antioxidants.

Life Extension Anti-Alcohol HepatoProtection Complex is an amazing formula for individuals who consume alcoholic beverages

Anti-Alcohol HepatoProtection Complex contains added antioxidants that are specifically designed to support healthy liver function, help to inhibit free radicals and neutralize toxic alcohol metabolites such as acetaldehyde. Along with vitamin B1, vitamin C,  and benfotiamine, this powerful anti-alcohol formula HepatoProtection Complex provides therapeutic doses of these novel antioxidants:

  • Chlorophyllin — an agent that protects the body from oxidative stress
  • Leucoselect® grapeseed extract, silymarin (from milk thistle), and trans-resveratrol — three hepatoprotective agents that aid in reducing compounds from potential xenobiotics and protecting cells from free radical-induced oxidative stress
  • Picroliv® Picrorhiza kurroa root extract — contains antioxidant kutkin that scavenges alcohol-induced excess free radicals and stimulates regeneration of cells (hepatocytes)

Taking the proper supplements before and after drinking can substantially protect liver cells from the free radical damaging effects of alcohol consumption.

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