Flight Spray Nasal Hydration Spray -- 0.5 oz

Flight SpraySKU: GF-B6

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  • Soothes dry nasal passages and relieves dry nasal membranes
  • Nasal Spray provides non-medicated relief for irritated and dry nasal passages.
  • Relieves dryness from allergy, sinus and cold medications. Instantly soothes dry nasal passages.
  • Perfect for Air Travel

Flight spray is the first germ-fighting nasal hydration spray designed especially for airline travelers. Made in Maui from Hawaiian grown plants. Great for dry airplane cabin environments with 100% pure hydrosol and alcohol-free.

Support: moistens the nasal passages and alleviates nasal dryness, Flight Spray supports health and well-being. Flight Spray helps to enhance the body’s immune ability to fight against infection, and clears the sinuses during long flights.

Formula: is formulated by combining two of the most effective herbal ingredients (Turmeric root and Spear mint) used in the treatment of nasal ailments. The ingredients provide an unsuitable environment for germs and viruses to reproduce. Effective at the first signs of nasal dryness, Flight Spray can be used on the go while traveling, in a crowd, or any time natural nasal relief is desired.

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