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The balance of work, family, home, and all the other responsibilities we take on can make prioritizing your heart health seem difficult or nearly impossible to accomplish. However, we believe finding time to keep your heart and body healthy is vital to your overall quality of life, which is why we decided to create this webinar to show you the secret to keeping your heart healthy in the midst of your already packed schedule. You will get the opportunity to hear from our Licensed Nutritionist, Julie Wendt, MS CNS, LDN as well as her guest, Personal Trainer, and Coach, Priscilla Johnson! Listen in as they unfold easy and effective heart health and fitness tips that fit into your daily schedule.

In this webinar you will learn:

In this webinar you will learn:
> What is HIIT training and how it works
> How a busy woman can fit heart health into their daily routine
> More tips lifestyle tips for keeping your heart healthy
> Pre and post-workout nutrition tips

Julie Wendt, MS, CNS, LDN

Julie’s interest in health began in earnest as the role of food as medicine became very clear during her first pregnancy and then with her first child. Her colicky newborn graphically illustrated the concept that what you eat can make a huge difference in how you feel and what your body can tolerate. With each new family member, the message became more clear: food matters! After serving as her family’s nutritionist for over a decade, Julie decided to combine her passion for food, gift for healing, and desire to help others through nutrition.

Priscilla Johnson, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach 

Certified personal trainer, Priscilla Johnson, specializes in weight loss, strength building and interval training. Her training focuses on functional movements that support everyday activities and your personal goals. Priscilla’s background stems from playing volleyball for 6 years and CrossFit for 5 years. She believes this fitness journey is a team effort so together you and her will set goals, create healthy habits, and find the right routine that works for you.