First Session

Schedule your first 1:1 consultation for onboarding, lab testing, and wellness planning

What to expect for your first session

When you schedule your first appointment you will be invited to join the Patient Portal where you will complete forms to share your comprehensive health history, health goals, and diet and lifestyle habits. Julie will review this prior to your initial appointment where you will go over any questions and discuss your health and wellness goals. During your first appointment Julie will discuss any testing that may be helpful to her in creating your personalized nutrition plan.

Why we offer lab testing

"Test not guess" is the moto for integrative health. The testing that Julie recommends helps to look at how your body is functioning in order to determine how best to help you regain balance and feel better. Rather than using general recommendations, Julie looks at the deeper biochemical and functional workings to know how to help you, specifically!

Wellness Planning

Julie looks at all aspects of core wellness including diet, sleep, stress management, movement, and healthy social connections. During your appointment, you will share your health goals and concerns and work with Julie to determine the next best step towards meeting goals and resolving symptoms.