MegaFood MegaFlora 20 Billion CFU 14 strains -- 60 Vegetarian Capsules

MegaFoodSKU: MF-053

Size: 30 Capsules
Sale price$21.14


  • Probiotic Supplement
  • May Support Intestinal Health
  • May Promote Bowel Regularity
  • May Support Immunity Health
  • Contains Good-Bacteria

Is MegaFood MegaFlora Probiotic the right probiotic for you?

Trust your gut! MegaFood MegaFlora is designed to support intestinal health and immune health.* Our proprietary blend of 14 unique strains of probiotics provide 20 billion active bacteria that help restore and maintain the balance of healthy intestinal probiotics.* Just like all our supplements, MegaFlora is tested free from gluten, dairy and soy, and certified glyphosate residue free! We recommend storing yours in the fridge or freezer, and taking it once daily with a meal.

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