Smarty Pants Organic Men's Formula -- 120 Gummies

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  • Omega-3 ALA- from organic flaxseed oil (341mg)
  • Folate- as methyl folate, the premium, active form readily absorbed to support red blood cell production
  • Vitamin D- as D3, helps build bone and teeth strength
  • Vitamin B12- for immune support
  • Zinc- bone support and immune function

SmartyPants Organic Men's Formula delivers more of the nutrients you want - all in one easy and delicious serving.

  • Science-Based Nutrition formulated for adults to fill in a range of nutrient gaps and offer a number of health benefits.
  • Made with premium nutrients in a readily available form your body can use
  • No: GMO, synthetic colors, or artificial flavorings. Also, there is no artificial sweetening added.

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