Bare Organics Super Greens Powder -- 8 oz

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Flavor: Spirulina
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  • Multi-Minerals
  • Immunity Support
  • Marine Super Green

Bare Organics Super Greens Powder Spirulina is a nutrient-rich blue-green alga that grows in warm lakes. It may be one of the oldest plants on Earth and was most likely used as a food source by ancient peoples in their everyday diets long ago. Spirulina is a rich source of iron and contains other essential nutrients such as magnesium and protein. This nutritional profile makes spirulina a super green that is here to stay.

Suggested Use:

Add 1 scoop to your favorite green smoothie or add to your favorite recipes to taste.


Each jar is 100% recyclable, BPA-Free, and Reusable with an easy-peel label, and is both microwave and top-shelf dishwasher safe!


For your safety, it is important to remember to remove the easy-peel label and any remaining protective seal foil before placing your container in the microwave.

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